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About Us

Davenport Perth and Jane Finch Community Ministries are social justice/outreach ministries of the Shining Waters Region of the United Church of Canada. The United Church has roots in the Social Gospel movement and a deep commitment to social justice.

The initial vision in developing these ministries, starting in 1982, was to place a minister in the community, not to develop a congregation, but instead to stand in solidarity with culturally diverse, low income communities such as Davenport-Perth and Jane Finch. It is a ministry of presence that journeys with the communities in their pain as well as hope and celebration of a more just society.

The role of the ministries is to provide community development and community organizing support, offer pastoral care and do advocacy through coalitions and networks. Programs and initiatives are done in partnership with others (especially those most effected by the challenges and struggles) and we are grateful for this collaborative approach in building upon the strengths of the community to meet the deficit needs.

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