The Davenport Perth Community Ministry is a ministry of presence, walking in solidarity with the culturally diverse, low income community of Davenport Perth. The three neighbourhoods covered by the ministry are Weston-Pelham Park, Corso Italia-Davenport and Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction. The role of the ministry is to provide community development and community organizing support, offer pastoral care and be engaged in advocacy through coalitions and networks.  


DPCM continues to work with youth supporting the work carried out at various agencies as DPNCHC, Boys and Girls Club, Pelham Community Hub (TCHC- Jays Care Foundation). Working with people delivering a food ministry, DPCM works with local residents and the Toronto Food Policy Council, on ways that food can engage and build capacities in communities, beyond simply community dining, whether they be in batch cooking, weekend survival cooking, fermenting workshops, community gardening, food and art festivals in parks and public spaces. DPCM also works with arts groups such as Arts4All, seeking ways to engage and build people’s capacity to find artistic expression.


The Community Minister provides care through personal visits, listening, discussion and prayers.  These connections have led to deeper engagement in small groups, bible study, advocacy and preaching.

The community minister also serves in the wider ecumenical and inter-faith activities addressing racism, homophobia, Islamophobia and promoting/mediating peace.

The community enjoys opportunities for respite and refreshment at an annual family camp, at picnics, parties and other special events.​

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